SERKEFTIN! A1-A2 Kurdish Coursebook With Exercises Blackwhite

SERKEFTIN! A1-A2 Kurdish Coursebook With Exercises Blackwhite

Author: Murat Baran


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Black white version

The colorful version is also available: SERKEFTIN A1-A2

SERKEFTIN! is a Kurmanji course book of the European language level A1-A2. It is suitable for adolescent as well as adult scholars and introduces language learners to important everyday situations. This book consists of speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension exercises. In its 16 chapters, various situations are covered – .such as meeting new people, telling time, giving directions, shopping, reporting weather, talking about household items and the solarsystem, seeing the doctor, writing letters and Kurdish culture. The grammar exercises include, for example, different verb conjugations in present tense, future tense, past tenses and conjunctive mood. Thereby, this book provides beginners with a smooth start to learning the Kurdish language. It leads up to the next language level B1.
  • Answer key
  • List of Verb stems
  • Dictionary

INFO: The book KURDISH GRAMMAR Kurmanji Reference Book is available for deepening your grammar knowledge!


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