SERKEFTIN! A1-A2: KURDISCH Lehrbuch mit Übungen

SERKEFTIN! A1-A2: KURDISCH Lehrbuch mit Übungen

Autor: Murat Baran


Kurmandschi Lehrbuch mit Übungen

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SERKEFTIN! is a Kurmanji textbook of levels A1 – A2 of the European language standards. It is suitable for young as well as adult language students and introduces important situations in everyday life. In its 16 chapters, this book covers, for example, getting to know each other, counting, describing the way, shopping, the solar system, household items, the weather, Kurdish culture, visiting the doctor or writing letters. In the grammar, the various verb conjugations in present tense, future tense I, past tense, imperfect and subjunctive are discussed. Kurdish language beginners easily acquire the basis of Kurmanji and are introduced to the more advanced level B1. The book consists of numerous exercises for speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension,

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    INFO : The book KURDISCHE GRAMMATIK Kurmancî reference book is available to deepen the grammar !


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